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ICON MoSAIQ Carmika Investor Videos
Opalesque 'The Corona Fighters' Presentation by MoSAIQ Portfolio Manager Elias Nechachby CFA May 2020 


ICON MoSAIQ Carmika Market Neutral, ICON MoSAIQ Carmika Max Sharpe & ICON MoSAIQ Carmika Low Vol Strategies

ICON MoSAIQ  Carmika MARKET NEUTRAL, ICON MoSAIQ  Carmika MAX SHARP and ICON MoSAIQ  Carmika LOW VOL strategies use more than 60 million data points to enable our proprietary algorithms to generate investment decisions. We use several AI tools such as genetic algorithms, neural networks and support vector machines coupled with MoSAIQ Paradigms and a process driven approach to build robust models that significantly outperform their benchmarks.  Trading in liquid Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 cash equities, index futures and index options, our strategies have shown extreme resilience during periods of market turbulence, with no negative annual performance shown over the past 16 years, and a Sharpe ratio ranging from 1.58 to 2.70, confirmed by independent third-party audit and certification.

ICON MoSAIQ Unhedged
& ICON MoSAIQ Market Neutral Strategies

The MoSAIQ ICON UNHEDGED and MoSAIQ MARKET NEUTRAL strategies are without the Carmika options hedge component incorporated.

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