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Alt Capital Group

The ICON Asset Alt Capital Group is a highly specialized team focusing on consulting companies and investors in capital placements and alternative investments.

We assist alternative investment funds, technology, services and growth companies on:

  1. Access the capital they need to grow and expand.

  2. Undertake mergers and acquisitions.

We are focused on three key opportunities:

  1. Capital Raising, for companies and alternative investment funds and structures.

  2. Transition to Public Markets.

  3. Private Debt.


We focus on post Seed and Series A capital placements stages and Alt Inv funds related to block chain and non-fiat assets.

Jose Luis Photo.jpg
Jose Luis Diaz-Rio Martinez-Esparza

Jose Luis Diaz-Rio is a Senior Consultant to ICON and its clients. Jose has +35 years of experience as an investment professional, previously he was General Manager of Interdin, a +60 employee firm specialized in Equity, FX, Derivatives and Fixed Income capital markets, DMA and electronic brokerage.

Prior to that, he worked as Head of Derivatives at NovaCaixa Bank where he was in charge of a derivatives book that included IR, FX and Equity Derivatives. Prior to joining NovaCaixa Bank, he was a Board member of Consultora de Riesgos Financieros (CRF), CEO of Banco Inversión, S.A (now HVB), Chairman of AGEPASA SGC and Managing Director of Argentaria Financial Products (now BBVA).

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Santo Volpe

Santo Volpe is a Senior Consultant to ICON and began his career in London in 1991 as an options specialist for Cresvale Ltd where he eventually became the head of proprietary trading and has worked for several large banks in Europe.

Santo advised and assisted in setting up several proprietary trading operations and investment funds in Europe, the United States and the Far East. He has managed portfolios as Chief Investment Officer in excess of USD $5 billion comprising all types of asset classes, physical property, debt instruments, equities, derivatives and physical commodities.  Mr. Volpe holds an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and a master’s degree from University of London.

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Oscar Perez Photo.jpg
Oscar Perez Sainz de la Maza

Oscar Perez is a Senior Consultant to ICON as an expert in FX and International Money markets, having had extensive experience in senior roles in Trading and Treasury departments of large financial institutions to include Banco Inversion, Santander, BBL and Citibank in Madrid, Lisbon and London.

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