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The ICON Honma AI volatility strategy involves selling options of the most liquid U.S.-listed stocks to capitalize on market volatility with statistical arbitrage.


Based on unique AI research developed by Swiss deep-tech innovation lab INAIT in Lausanne, Honma AI created a proprietary option pricing and replication algorithm that allows it to :

  • Enter in under-over valuated equity options.

  • Hedge them optimally to earn the difference between forecasted and market prices.

Honma AI uses quantitative portfolio management to maintain a low beta and high Sharpe ratio while minimizing informed trading risks.


Leveraging the world’s most detailed digital copies of human brains developed by the ‘Blue Brain Project’ at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Swiss deep-tech innovator INAIT has pioneered natural intelligence; a unique approach that infuses AI models with neuroscientific insights.  INAIT elevates AI to maximize the value of business solutions.  INAIT’s subsidiary, Honma AI, applies its proprietary FORECASTING and AI techniques to deliver impactful fintech solutions like the ICON Honma AI Volatility Strategy, designed to optimize investment returns.

Richard Frey Photo.png
Richard Frey
CEO inait, Chairman honma AI
Daniel Lütgehetmann Photo.png
Daniel Lütgehetmann
CTO inait, board member honma AI
Henry Markram Photo.png
Prof. Henry Markram
founder Blue Brain Project
and co-founder inait
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